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The Rangana fort is known by the name rangan and famous fort. Middle-class fortress of Kolhapur trekkers. Normally, this fort is situated in Bhudargad taluka (130-140 km) from the distance between India, Konkan and Goa, at a height of 2250 feet. About 90 km from Kolhapur. Distance from Kolhapur (225 km)

Kolhapur- (45 km) – Gargoti (25 km) – Patagon (10 km) – Bhatwadi (10/12 km) – Chikhkewadi (1 km) forts. This road passes through the ashram of Mauni Baba. If you search on Google map then this road will not be available. The Gogh shows another road. It is about 145 km away. It is anterior. So avoid it. ) Raja Bhoj, king of Shilaharavans, had built fifteen forts for the sake of the state. This is a queue fort.

The queen was in possession of Shilahar by 1209. After that, Mahmud Gawan captured the fort. By the time of 1305, this was under the rule of Muslim rule. Shivaji Maharaj took the fort from Vijapuraka in 1659. In 1663, Rastamjman surrendered to quarrel with five to seven thousand soldiers. But, to win the fort, he failed and he returned.

(Adilshah suspected that Rastamjamman was involved in Shivaji’s rule. It may be true that this fort should have come into Swarajya) When Rastamjamman went back to the house in 1963, Abdul Karim Khan and Bahalol Khan came running from Panhala Territory with ten thousand faujani. Rangana was encircling the fort. Shivayra sent the Kumk, and stopped the supply. Ganim Kawi raided the Mughal army and started roaming. After that, they went back and secured the fort. (Chitnis Bakhar)

In 1666, Gad again went to Vijapur. Shivaji Maharaj again won this fort on September 5, 1666. After getting the army chief against Shivaji Raja, he has been trying to keep his hand against Shivaji Raja as per his usual beliefs and against him

Shake 1559 Vaishakh (April-May 1667) by Bahalokhana and Yekoji Maharaj surrounded the rangniyas. Rajashree Shivaji Maharaj broke the siege (Jade Shakavali)
Bijapurkar attempted to redeem 12,000 Swaranti fort. But, the kings retained their fortress. But many people fled and escaped.

While visiting Sindhudurg district of Konkan, there are 14 Giridurgs on the hills of Sahyadri. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj established Swarajya in his country to be inspired by this motive. Thousands of mavalas have been preserved for the protection of Swarajya. Mahārāj raised the Giridurga muka mavale on the highest elevations of the Sahyadri lion
To return this attack, Shivaji stayed on this fort from April 14th to May 12, 1667. (Members of Parliament) This fort can not be won in Aurangzeb’s Deccan campaign. According to the tone of the war, he came to Chhatrapati Karveer.

Shahu-Tarabai left Panhalay in confrontation and stayed at Tarabai fort. In 1708, Satarkar surrounded the fort, while sending the Tarabai to Sindhudurga, Ramchandra Pant Amatani and Piraji Ghorpade defeated the fort for 3 months. Chhatrapati Shahu withdrew after the rains started.

On the behalf of Sawantwadiers, Jivji Bitta had captured the queen by fistoor. However, Kavirkar’s chest Veer Subhash Yashwantrao Shinde fought for two and a half months and took the fort. Later, Sawantwadi decided to remain devoted to Karveerkar and remained in the queue till the state of the British Raj. “Be careful if every queue is safe, otherwise Gross Sawant will land at the mandate”

The king has set up another banquet from the Shilahar family. Etc. S It is the period of 1175 AD to 1212 AD. It shows that this fort is more than 800 years ago. Panhala was the capital of Shilahar. King Bhoja built 15 forts in his career. Of them, Shivaji Maharaj won the Ranganagad and joined Swaraj.

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