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While reading the information of the party, many birds began to roam around the head of many ... just right! As is the case of tilts and rains, there is an assortment of rain and rain. Today's Chat is about fourth member of Kukulidi family.
Pupae is an insect-eater who, in spring and rain, often speaks in a large melodious voice sitting on mango trees.
In North India, it is called ‘Papeah’. This bird is found in India and Sri Lanka. 760 m of Himalayas in India He is found everywhere from the height down to the south. It is an arborescent bird and lives in the forest. Garden, dense plants, amber etc. Places love him more

The papaya remains in the trees and comes to the ground. It is lodged in the garden, garden, deciduous and semi-evergreen forests.
Farmers started preparing for sowing in the village after the “haunts of rain”, “let it rain”, “rain came”. Whose “call” this? That is the rainy party Precipitation means common hawk-cuckoo (Hierococcyx varius). The bird that is found in most of our country is 100% Indian. A rainy season with a member of the Kukulidi family is like the shape of a dove.
Likewise, the tail of the curculi tree is too long. While flying a bird with a light-colored strip on the face of a mataki or a lukewarm color, the hunter looks like a predatory bird. This rain has been given the name ‘hawk-cuckoo’ in English as a result of flying a large amount of time, when he descends as a Shikara.Wearing feces and male are almost the same. The male size is slightly bigger, and there is only one big difference. The party has a light-colored dots on the dark brown chest and stomach. The same color on the body of a hunter is the same as the dots.The eyes of the receiver are very unique. There is a whole yellow circle around its eyes. And the same way, the light yellow holes are also in the rings. As the bird becomes mature, it becomes black and black becomes yellow.
This rainbow bird remembers with its unique shout. This speech is actually an ideal of mating for the female. At the end of the monsoon, before the summers, the male pronouns like a female is done at the end of summer. The simplicity of Narayat is very intense and consistent. At one time, the male takes three to three times the length of 5/6 times.
In this ascending order, this “kind of hilarity” is considered as a sign of rain. If the day is around, there are more calls during normal closing hours and early in the morning. Due to the simplicity of the nara, he knows about where he is, but he does not see anything. The interesting reason for this party’s name is to get rid of brain favors. With the constant shouting of the rain, the eagles named it “Brain Fever” due to the headache.

Most of the members of the Kukulidi family, except Bhardwaj, fall under the category of brood parasite. They never fall into the trap of making nests. In essence, having fun, the responsibility of raising offspring becomes open to the other, not the nest boxes. During the months of June to September, like the women of the rainy season, the babbler was free of eggs in the nest of the Satbhai party.
In 15 days, the eggs come out from the egg and it is very difficult to feed your step-sister siblings. The food of these chicks is like a rope. The parents of your stepfather who are kidemkodes are digested. Due to the fact that the rainy bird is considered to be the best way to eat spicy caterpillars in addition to eating kiddemcodes

These are only solids. This is a little bit more like a bird but it is a slender and more long-tailed bird. Length su 33 cm .; The upper side of the body is white with reddish brown color and the white strips on it; The tail is a gray color with wide red light eyes and feet yellow; Green color; Look like
These hairy caterpillars are generally considered poisonous because they contain poisonous substances. Most of the cucumber family members use the caterpillars to eat. After catching caterpillars, they get caught by pressing on the tree branches and pressing the supplements to remove them. The hair of this chawad cave is digested after falling into the stomach. Haila or his head is nature nature?
Such rainy birds are found in entire India. In the Indian subcontinent, there are also its brothers in neighboring countries. In different languages, it has been given an honorable place in literature, music. In the Hindi literature, this party is a friendly bird because it always asks “Piya said”? Many people think that the goat is the rainbow birds.

But today it is expected that this accounting will be reduced to a little less than the usual misunderstanding. I would like to remember that Vidya Balan “Piyo Bole” is a song that immediately follows. Now you find a rainy bird and sing a song like this .

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