Indian antelope facts

Kalira is found mainly in India. This is the main deer of the deer’s trump card. The male blackish is black and the female is brown in color and the female is yellow in color. The males are mainly horns. The females have no horns.
The blackout is known only as a very good looking and intelligent. This beautiful animal was famous for its horns. It is known by the names like Kalvitt, Deer, and Eri, [Bovidae] in the family of Bovida. These families are the same as their cows, buffaloes, sheep goats and kurang. The only known example of this type of dwarf called Antelope can be found here.
If the scientific name is broken, then there is very interesting information. The first word in this means that the Latin antelopes means the animal with a horn and this word means deer / deer. But it is a grapevine that in the Indian subcontinent, it is found only in India and Pakistan. The entire growth cloth would reach the normal shoulder, which is approximately 80 cm high. All of this has its roots in its horns.
These horns are about 50 to 65 cm in size. This is a trickle shining as well as jewelery. No other member of this species has such a horn. The reason for its name being blackened is the black color of it. Black color is black on the back and the black on the stomach is white on the stomach. Born male and female are of the same color. It is almost brownish brown. After three years the color of sari began to change, it was blackened.As the age increases, the color becomes blackish. The same pair also becomes peanut in the same pair. The female does not have beautiful horns like naurah. Rarely, a horny female can be seen.
These turtles flow from an average of twenty to thirty flocks. However, in some places in Punjab and Rajasthan, there are records for the number of flocks of hundreds. This beautiful creature who lives on grassland is never in the dense forest. The vast grassy and arid areas live in large numbers. They also appear in the open area near the forest. Blacks roam in the first flights of the day. They rest in the shade, they can rest in the evening.Again, they started closing their steps. Since whole life is literally meant to be removed, it is very tricky. In addition to this joint, nature has given a good nose to collect the sulfur. On the basis of all this, their ears are not just tricky. It was the same device that used to jump for long periods of time for self defense, and when somebody indicated that, after warning someone, the herds of jumping on the four sides of the wind would cripple the herd.
Every year, a list is published internationally. In this list, there is a worldwide category of animals. Which category? So their existence. It is a list of work showing the existence of a creature in which it is in existence. According to the last year’s report of this list, the speed of wind blows on the way to extinction of the blackbuck.
The number of day-to-day losses, due to lack of shelter, is diminishing the number of blackouts. The best time to celebrate the blacksmiths is considered as the February march. The male coming out of the sun, churning out an infinite horn and keeping it straight in the neck and moving around it. In such a shield, it is very big that I bash each other together to show how big I am.
The male she distinguishes the male she likes from her husband. The pair flows away from the herd while loving with such a partner. Every male in the sun is constantly sticking to his position. If any other male comes into his territory, then he immediately rubs his maternal uncle. After Priyadarshan, the female child is six months pregnant. After that she gives birth to a puppy.
This puppet starts to hibernate within a few hours after birth. For the next one to two months, this baby is with her mother and she has milk with her. If the piglet is in the female, then it is in the heat after about a half to two years. If the puppy is male then it is ready for breeding in the third year. This observation will take place for the roughly 17/18 years of the year. Due to the fact that they are born throughout the year, their piglets appear in different ages.
During the aforementioned season, the Priyadhan period starts on October. Since the flock is male in different age groups, the females tend to love many men. The head of the woods is the head of the woods, the female with the elderly can not ,
If the male comes out loud, then the sound of a loud noise makes the female grim. The conversation is staggering in the same way, with each other’s wrinkles and wrinkles.
The importance of Kalvita is that they are only present in India and Pakistan. Both the places have many restrictions on the habitat and in many places the protected forests have been created. In our country, these droughts are found in the states of Maharashtra, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
In Gujarat the Velavadar National Park was built in 1976 only for this Kalvitt. The best number of blacksmiths here today is a matter of commendation. In nature, this animal had the greatest risk from Indian cheetah. From India, the leopard became extinct and in its place there was a picture that stood at risk. The hunting of blacksmith was a hobby for the erosion of Rajarjwad.
Akbar had created a special cheetah for this hunter. In Maharashtra, Shahu Maharaj had kept the same work in his hunting room. In reply, the kings of Central India were also not exceptions. This kamvita was given about 40/45 kg of weight as a decorative material for his flesh, skin and horn. According to the Indian Wildlife Act of 1970, it is a penal offense to treat, keep, sell or harass anybody in our country. But even before these laws are made, the people of Bishnoi in Rajasthan do not let trees, animals and animals live on their land. They had taken mehenant to arrest Salman Khan. In addition to humans, wolves and dogs near the village are at risk of timber.
These blacks emphasize grass eating for most of the time. But often, their flocks are killed on the grains in the fields near Malarana. That is why farmers are scared of farmers. Kalvas near the village are often infected by animal animals, in which they die. Due to increasing livestock livestock, the area of ​​land which has been given to them is getting reduced. We do not understand the deer, the blacksmith, the chital, and the fact is that our country’s animal is a big misfortune.
As Salman Khan did blacksmith, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi also hit Chinkara. Many fertile enclosures have been made to protect wildlife in our country. However, the fence guard shows exactly how to fade from the fence of the fence. At such a time, the voice of such wild animals, which is not only the voice of the masses, is not a protection device, is needed.

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