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While talking about the elephant, the most important thing you do not remember is that the Indian elephants and African elephants are fragmented. People do not know that the Indian elephant is a subtype of the Ashiyan elephant. In the world, two types of elephants are Loxodonta africana and the Elephas maximus indicus.. अ
The French elephants are bigger than their elephants. Even if these brides are bigger than their elephants, their ears are bigger. African elephants grow taller than 12/13 feet, but Indian elephants grow up to 10 feet tall. What is the general weight of this elephant? 5000 Kilograms! Aab … do not you?
Normally when we start to draw an elephant, four feet of a tall hill draws a picture that is not enough. We have big ears like earrings, necklaces, longsides, pitculled sheets, and small eyes and two big pillows. The guts are the fact that both of the African elephant’s male and female suits are tucas. Only eleven elephants have got good help. You use your teeth to bite and eat your meal.
But elephants have different teeth in their diet and they use elephants during the fight. Elephants use the same tool to lift trees, to plant trees and to mark their own trees. These white elephants kill white elephants, and then these teeth are sold stealthily.
The elephant has 26 teeth in it. But all the other teeth, including the soles, are thin, even wither or broken. The elephant trunk is just a mammoth. This is a snake elephant’s nose. Do you know how many muscles [muscles] are in this condition? Ordinary 60,000 …. Father! Can not you think? The elephant drinks water, digs mine, sees it all. That’s why it’s called the larynx.This elephant preserves elephants because they use it to touch each other, to play special sound. But when they want to fight, they bundle their trunk because they do not want to hurt.

Can you tell a gamer? Elephants have a habit of swallowing a lot of food, they do not eat bait after eating it. What then? The undigested part comes out of their rubbish. If we talk about food, we say, elephants do all the work just for the day. A big elephant fades 300 kilograms of food daily and consumes 60 gallons of water. But these elephants are “chickens” in the eating habits.They like straw leaves, green lush lush grasses. The grass gets upstairs, and the roots of the roots are crushed by the roots. When elephants are unable to break tree branches, they are thrown out by the blacks. Elephants have to eat well enough to keep themselves mentally organized.

For eleven hours, elephants walk 4 kilometer. The feet of elephants are strong, because they do not get the burden of their body. Elephants can not do the only thing in the world that elephants can not jump! That is why where elephants come out of the forest, there are boulders around the forest where they are troubling the village. But elephants can rush fast, they can come back to their ears but they come in tender arms.I remember that the elephant behind our jeep in Karnataka’s Goodies forest had come. It was time for our life to die. The elephant loves to play in water. They are not afraid to go deep into the water, but if they are swamp they probably will not go there. They are afraid of the turmoil, because they are worried about getting trapped in it?

Elephants live for about 70 to 80 years. The female is born in the age of 9-10 years but the male has to wait for the average age of 14/15 years. In nature: Male is big in size. The older females in the size of the small and the middle age of the age are generally kept protected because the men in the mood can bother them and the herd. Elephants give birth to a single pup after every 5 to 8 years.
It is about to say about elephant puppies that for the last 22 months of the mother’s body, there are 50/100 kHz of Hottabal by birth for almost two years. In these few hours after birth, they learn to stand and breastfeed. These small elephants are fun-minded, they give birth to a mother. After about 4/5 years, this puppy starts moving away from the mother a little bit
His mother takes care of this girl till she is 12-15 years old. After that, if the pupp is a male, then he starts leaving the herd. Some such males gather together and make a flock. Under the oldest rule of the age, there is a herd of elephants of different age groups and cubs of different age groups.
If you talk about elephants, then you can speak very much. Elephant is the largest mammal on the ground. Its brain is big in all animals. At present, elephants are very skeptical and alert. The same nose can easily take 2/3 kilometer away from the smell. And possibly remember, Mahasaya does not forget anything, but it is worth remembering. Living in this group can be called an ideal method.
Elephants have no other enemies except humans .Only in Rajasthan, elephants remain in the rest of the country except desert. There are reasons for decreasing day-to-day safe forests, lack of food, shortage of male-dominated male elephants, and creepy feuds with human elephants.

The elephant, which was previously used to be used extensively, was used to do some work. But now our country is completely prohibited by the wildlife laws. On the other hand, if a member of a group falls in the forest, then the other members of the hermitage remain silent and keep quiet. This behavior of Hiti has become the subject of researchers’ curiosity.

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