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Nagpanchami has begun to express appreciation to the snakes in our country, which are known earlier as agriculture land. In the country where most people depend on net farming, it was natural to start the celebration like Nagpanchami.
However, in the modern rate of retirement, the superstitious idea behind creation of this festivities has not come to an end after the superstition and fear of the devotees ever suffered. The snake is a reptile death that begins to change gradually after the fearsome equation that has become rampant in the mind of the society.
These changed approaches have begun to adopt the classification of snakes, their traditional and innovative uses. The real truth is that all the snakes are not deaths. About 3,000 species of snakes have been reported all over the world and we have around two hundred seventy species of snakes. 

The snakes are dangerous to the main four species of snakes, meaning ‘Big Four Snakes’ are dangerous to humans. The main four poisonous snakes include snakes, monkeys, peacocks and snakes. The biggest venomous snake of Indian Rajanag, that is King Cobra, is not easily visible around us. All the remaining 5 snakes are not deadly for you!
Due to lack of extension, it is not possible to write deeper about snakes, but in brief, we are able to easily understand that the traditional work of annihilating the hidden enemies like farmer, intruder, would be useful. All snakes are considered to be poisonous due to snake bite, which means death is a problem for pregnancy.
The major four poisonous snakes found by you, Indian Chess, Snake, Indian Cobra or Spectacled Cobra can be easily identified by its attractive designs. Manarer, meaning Indian Crete or Common Create, is very quiet and no snake-sighted snake can easily be seen. The venom of both these snakes has a neurotoxic effect on the nerves of the body.
The remaining two-legged Ghonas alias Russell Whipper is known to be in the same way as the reddish-like necklace. Staying Furus alias Soscelled Whipper Although this snake is small in size, the seam is known as poisonous. Both of these poisons are thought to affect hematoxicity. The results of the nervous system are not seen on the external body after bite such a venomous snake. That is why internal bleeding begins in the body after barking and bruising. The bleeding from the brain, the intestines, the ears, the nose, and the urine are very fatal. The same thing applies to the serpent and the moonlight.
After bite of coconut or ashes, the body is affected by the effects of poisoning on the nervous system. It takes some time to poison the body and know all these results. However, most of the patients suffer from fear due to fear of snake chawl. The only way to treat this poisonous tale by seeing the symptoms of experienced doctors is to reproduce the patient. No person dies when a snake bite is created.
The horror of fear and anguish erupted that people became very normal. However, if there is a poisonous snakebite, you can not get any kind of ember, cucumber, coconut, spices and poison. Contestant is the only solution for this. In nature, horses and sheep are two animals that can resist the snake’s poison in the body. These animals have been wiped out in a series of episodes of epidemic poisoning in such a short span of weeks.
This volume is not deadly. Every week the amount is increased to a few times. After about three months, the immune system against these poisonous blood is prepared in the blood of these animals. This reactive blood is collected and taken into the laboratory. The red and white cells in it are separated by a special device.These white cells, ie livelier vaccines. Of course, this counterpart is not a magic wand. Each drug has adverse side effects and has the same effect.
 This second poisoning does not intensify as soon as the venomous snake is convinced. Since this vaccine is made from most of the horse’s blood, human blood can show allergy in accepting protein in horse blood.
A person who is exposed to the antibiotic body must be an expert. Because the vaccine is poisonous or intense. If a very high amount of dose is given, then the patient suffers from acne, suffers from allergy, allergic reactions. Poor nausea, nausea, vomiting, and headache may also be associated with it. 
So gradually, they have to be washed through the insulator. That is why this vaccine is never given on fingers, thongs. Taste of poisonous snake is bad, but in repetitious times, it can be read from even if it is found in about two hours.
In addition to these four poisonous snakes, the snakes found around us are most addictive. Dhan, that is, Ratnen is considered as a friend of the farmer. This snake, which rises with grains of grains a month, is still poisonous to the poisonous due to a slight resemblance with the Nagashi. Garhas, who is born from the neck of her husband, who is kneeling with her tail, means that the person in her tail tends to hurt man.
Another big thing is that they drink milk from the bottom of the milch cattle. Every living creature needs water. Snakes are not an exception. However, for this need, no one with 100 percent non-vegetarian would not drink milk by milch cattle. Rats, mammals, frogs, ladders, other small snakes, birds with egg-fed foods do not drink milk easily or unnecessarily. Naturally, there is a transparent screen on the eyes of the snake, in order to prevent it from falling into the water, easily in the water.
That is why a catfish is embellished with the love of the sapkin and the love. Snakes have no ears like hands and feet. The traumatic events on the ground are understood by the skin. In this physical diminishment, the curse of the blind eye consumes poor living. That is why there is no visible thing in the eyes of a snake on some stretches of sight. It is true that we are beginning to digest the fact that Garuda has not even turned a cocoon on the locks, even looking at the cows that were moved to the face.
The snake does not sweat. The toxic material gathered in the body is thrown under its skin and it is thrown into the form of barking. After cutting the skin, the skin looks glistening and it is reborn, it is an eternal superstition that is immortal. If some pieces of the same piece are left on your body then the snake is told that the hair has come.
The snake’s eye, vision on deafness, means that the sulfur snake that is spreading in the air is constantly collected and transferred to the sensation called Jacobson, near its tusk. Through this, he is taking the food of our food and our partner. Every action of the snake feels dangerous to you as per the dictation of Brahmacharshas. The garlands have been cultivated from the snake junk. 
Dumbbells are caused by the harmless snake’s tail like Mandulu and the face of the mouth. But the fact is that no snake has two faces.
In places where idle places, stones, ruins, where there is no human vow, it is considered as the traditional habitat of the snakes. Occasionally, superstition was born that accidentally preserved the secret of a treasure because of the wealth accumulated in such places. The serpent does not have any celibacy. The benzene acid, which is produced in his gall bladder and is expelled from feces, has been sold as captive.
Individual superstitious superstitions apply in relation to this word. Just like the serpent, a lot of human emotions have been created around the poor genius. In addition to all this superstitions, many presents are good for snake breeding. How does snake sex mean physical love? Do they have feelings like ours? How long does they have sex? Such questions are often left unanswered today.
Reproduction of all living organisms in nature is a very comfortable feeling. Just because the human brain has become more advanced in other animals, the instincts of our sensibilities have been formed around that simple action. To speak even plainly, in nature, man is the only creature who takes keen interest in the reproduction process of others.
Each species needs to be reproduced in order to continue their lineage. For non-human animals, it is a net requirement for fertility. In nature, physical relationships are established to the needs of the family. Humans is also the mouse. Seeing that in the open market, the person behaves like this. Through this curiosity, the carnival has developed.
The social life of snakes is limited to net reproduction. Like mammals or birds, they do not care about their young ones at all. This does not necessarily mean that the family organization also exists. Often, many snakes appear in different seasons like India, due to maternity period, as it is due to methicillin. After the female was conceived, the pair could possibly be broken up.
As mentioned above, because there is no family structure in the snakes, there is no love and affection for each other. The point of pointing out this statement is that it is wrong to say that the other person who puts the partner in suspicion and makes the track. During sexual intercourse, male rails come in the direction of the female to trace the male or female due to certain seizures that fall through the skin of the female or the anus near the anus.
Slap-slap To be kept in a pan. If a female has been killed by the weapon and the specimens of the body’s specific nitrogen are attached to it, then it is necessary to reach the male, to find it, to immediately understand that the snake has got a change in the murder. 
The continual in-going tongue of the snake collects different types of sulfur from the air and learns its surroundings. The track record of the partner who is prepared for sex is a part of it. Although the fear of snake reduction has decreased in recent days, still these things are going on in rural areas.
Just as many animals in nature know different from male and female, the difference between male and female in snakes is not immediately noticed. Therefore, only two genders can come together during this sex period. We can call snakes as hardcore racialists. They do not have ‘Khap Panchayat’ but they do not match the pair of another cast
In the time of marriage, both men and women make a lot of pranayelila or triumph once they choose their partner. The male stays in close proximity to the female so that it can touch her all around. At the same time,
It works like a divisive tongue and keeps touching the tongue from the head to the extremity of the tail. The pair carries the pair from her side to the tail. During this period, there was another male-female boycott and two males became quarrels over the female. Previously, there was a fierce battle between two men who were considered to be the snake’s make-up
It also strikes and tries to beat and twist each other with the help of tail-shaped beads. These battles last for hours. Interestingly, the lady does not want to give up with her. With the male who wins, they are ready for sex.
Once the prints get back up, the male and female are ready for real sex. Both snakes fall apart in front of each other. After that, the male pulls his tail into a ladder and then pulls it to himself. Both of these actions come to each other through the anus. Male snake has a pair of semi pistils in nature. On the left and right side of the tail, there is a semi-penis like a hollow tube on the back side of the tail.
With the help of a muscle attached to it during sexual activity, the spike is pulled out and tucked inside its inner side. At that time, this organ is exerted with excessive blood supply and stiffened it. The snake has no hands and feet, it is possible to have a pair of male snakes to attach your partner to sex during sex. These two semi-physicians are not used in peculiar moments of sex.
Half of the side of the female nard is inserted in the female sense. The next part is made of a little bit of thorns and white wines (white dots on the skin), so that the induced bowl is applied to the female indiana. Once this hemorrhoid has entered the female’s induction, that both snakes stay away from a few minutes to several hours.
The process of separation from each other begins once the meeting is complete. In this very often, the female laborers take a turn towards the neck. After that, when the male or female separates, it takes some time for the male snake to get back to his predecessor. The male is difficult until the pair of half-horns coming out. After this, the process of pregnancy begins in the female. If the serpent egg is egg-borne, then the female egg is laid in approximately four to eight weeks after sex.
Puppies are born in about 15 to 24 weeks, if the snake is ‘Jaraj’, giving birth to pigs. In both the eggs and the jaraj, the female serpents leave the pups or the eggs for the wind. The lifecycle of the snake is like this. But snakes are a very good example of how any of our ignorance is taken back.
There is a lot of ignorance and sensation around this animal that bass ray bass. The male snake has lost his life due to the combination of his own half-parent, through which, the females receive double pleasure due to these females, and the fish that eats the penis can double its body. Whiskers of the herb are filled with soaps and pots.
After sexual intercourse, the time required for a male snake-snatching half-hearted person to recover from a predisposition is sometimes higher. If that happens to people, then such a difficult snake is a rumor and rumor. People crowd to see such a snake and kill them at the end.Even today, the knowledge of our own body can not be very up to date. While studying at school, the arteriole and the jaundice carry the pure blood, or you can not assert that it is impure, but what will we say about the body of the snake? Actually we are all aware that there are advanced beings.
But looking at this silent, lazy tongue, which is very useful in nature chain, it becomes as dull as our senses. In the twentieth and science century, talking about going to the moon, it is necessary to see whether or not you deprive anyone of the rights to survival.
Indian wildlife law has been protected by snakes, while keeping snakes, killing, catching or entertaining it is a crime.

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