Shree Dhareshwar, the self-proclaimed Devasthan in Pune

The temple of Dhareshwara in Dhayari village, which is visible in the dawn of the morning or evening, is like seeing the temple. We go to the temple only through the way around the tree surrounded by trees like Aundum, Pimpal. While climbing the stairs, there is a base of shadow on both sides. The hands are unaware when watching the self-conscious Shivling of the house.
Dareshwar temple is in the 4.5 acres area. The present temples of the present temple are in 1978. The surrounding area of ​​the temple is green. Local people go on occasional walks in Khandoba temple on the backhill. The temple of Shri Dhreshvara is 350 years old. Many people of the Raikar family live in Dhayri village. The temple has been built by Lord Shiva of this family.
Presently the administration of this temple is observed by Shri Dhareshwar Mahadev Institute, Dhayri. The story of this temple is as follows. Jaitujibaba, a native of the Raikar family, was a devotee. They go to Shinganapur, the summit of Satara district, every day for their darshan. Going back in the morning and returning in the evening.
One day, the summit was dark when he came from Shinganapur. They were frightened; But at that time Lord Shiva himself came in the same way as a sadhus and said, ‘Do not be afraid. I am with you. Do not look back until you go home. On hearing this, Jaitujibaba left. Now where is the temple of Dhareshwara, Baba felt that we have come to our village. It’s okay to look backwards. 
They look backwards, but, as a monk, God is standing there and at the same place they became secret. At that place, the self-appointed Shivalinga proved. The Shikhar is located in Shinganapur, which is also known as Swayambhu Shivling.
Zaituji made small shrines in that place. A few days later, Jaitzyba was more tired. They also started getting difficult from the house to this temple. So they began to remember the water of their dwelling house and start flowing water. At that place, even in their residence, Shivling was proved. Today his house is called Devwada.
He started thinking that he should take a living Samadhi in his mind and he asked his children to dig his pit. The children went to dig the pit. The first pit was dug, the place was shiveling. Another digging dug, Shivling also appeared there. When 7 digging 7 pits, 7 Shivlingas were revealed.
The father said that the father did this fact. Then, when Jaitujibaba prayed, Shivalinga did not leave at the eighth place, and Jatujibaba took alive Samadhi. Even today, they get Sanjivan Samadhi and 7 Shivlinga. On the right side, there is Shani Temple on the right side. Idol old; But the installation took place four to five years ago. Two stiff candles are welcomed by the main steps that come up on top. The two of them are sitting in front of the Shiva Mandir.
There is a temple in front of the very great front. The assembly is also good, the air is clean, and there Shiva is worshiping God while chanting there. Hands are unaware when they see this delightful Shivling in the house. The essence of the copper plate is continuous continuously. This self-styled place has been created by Lord Shiva’s Shivbhakti. Puja and Abhishek are started every morning at 6.00 pm in the temple. There was an aarti again at 7.30 in the evening. The philosophy is closed in the afternoon of 12 to 4.
Chaitra Vartya Chaturthi fills a big journey of Shri Dhareshwar. It is planned on Gudi Padava Day. On the eighth day of Mahadeo’s stick or kavadadva, the summit leaves to Shinganapur. Kothi of Dhayri village is the first place to be considered as the first place in Shinganapur. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj has mentioned this in his Chapra 20th Eve 1326 Chaitra. It comes back 12 days later. 
All those who go with this cocoon are arranged by the organization. There is a big celebration that comes back to the caviar. The bhajan, kirtan, discourse, the area becomes devotional. There is Duttmandir in the shade of Aundum, behind the main Dhareshwar temple. Next, the construction of the temple of Akkalkot Swamy is complete. Looking at the whole area you can feel comfortable in the pleasant atmosphere.
In this natural environment, the exhibition of Sanwat-e-Vedic texts and Sattvic products will be displayed in Mahabharata on the occasion of Swimbhu Deola. His devotees must definitely get benefitted. For the protection of nation and religion, the strength of worship should be created among the people, pray at the feet of Shri Dhareshwar, who is the form of Shiva!

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