Shikhar Shingamapur History

Shinganapur was founded by Shingnaraje Yadav (1210 – 47) as the king, hence it has been named Shinganapur. Shambhu Mahadeo temple, which is decorated like a leaf on the hill top, is believed to be the place of pilgrimage situated at the highest point in the area. This place is considered as Kuldavat of Maharashtra and Shambhu Mahadev is also Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Kuldevit.

Usually around 150 acres of land has to be reached to reach this beautiful temple situated in the area of ​​2 acres. Now the train goes to the temple, while coming along the way, one can reach near the entrance of the temple, through a jhaju gate coming across the subtle and strong Shendge door. As you enter the temple premises, Nandani can be seen in front of us and on the left hand side of the house.
In view of Nandi, after entering the temple, Lord Shiva, who had surrendered to Lord Shankara, took a craft of silver carved in silver and thereafter to see the presence of a turban and to enter the main temple was the sight of Lord Shiva’s pandi. One of them is Lord Shankar and the other is Parvati. This gender of Shinganapur is considered as a self-borne ling
The construction of this temple of Lord Mahadeo is of Hemadpanti style. This temple has a main and three sub-entrance doors, with 4 entrances. Two candles are found in the premises of the temple. The total sculpture of the temple is very beautiful and beautiful and it can be enjoyed from ancient times. Etc. S Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj restored his life for the lasting beauty of this temple in the 12th century.
The roof of the temple is situated on the 18 pillars of the palace. The extension of the ceiling is extended up to 3 feet outside the pole and it is situated at the summit of the temple: in front of the summit, to see elephant craft on both sides of the hall gets

There are 3 copper brass decorated in the corridor. On the peak of the temple and on the pillars, there are many carved sculptures of Deities and many other incidents. There are many small temples in the premises of the temple and there is also an old five-hour bell.

* Bali Mahadev * From the southern door of the temple goes to Amruteshwar temple, it is also known as “Bali Mahadev”. There is also a road arrangement to reach this temple, the structure of this temple is similar to the temple of Lord Shiva. The entrance door of the temple is 25 feet high.
This temple, which is a splendid structure, is divided into two parts – Gabhara and Gosh Mandop. The east, west and south sides of the temple have four lanes and there is a route from the North to the Mandapa. The terrace of the mandapa is situated on 16 stone pillars.
The entrance to this temple can be accessed through the wide entrance. The temple’s temple is of awning. On the hill west of the main (Mahadev) temple, on a hill, there is a glimpse of the memorials of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Shahu Maharaj and Sambhaji Maharaj.
Shahu Maharaj constructed the memorial after the death of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj. In this there are Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Shahu Maharaj in the west and Sambhaji Maharaj on the east. The topaz lake is known as the topmost lake in the temple area, which is constructed by Shivaji Raj’s grandfather Maloji Raje. * Travel *
The pilgrimage to Shinganapur, the summit of the 12-day summit, was the beginning of the Chaitra prakraddhade, which is Gudi Padwa. Panchmila requires Parvati to get turmeric and Ashtami gets married at 12 o’clock at night. This journey fills in the hills of Mahadev at Umtabane. Kawad is considered an important part of this yatra.
Kavi comes with water from various places to anointing God. Of these, Kacha of the mind is made of “Bhutozi Teli” (famous as the queen of hunger) in Sasvad. At the base of Shinganapur at the end of the Dashashila peak, the Kawas are very difficult to climb up the hill from an ant gorge.
In this ceremony, it is very exciting and exciting that devotees are danced on the table of instruments and also played with rope-like cows, which are taken from shoulders. Devas are anointed with coconut water at midnight on Dwashashi.
* gupta ling* This shrine situated near the summit Shinganapur. When Lord Shiva was sitting on Lord Shankar’s penance, Mahatma got angry when Mahadev was angry, and when the mother Parvati sat on the form of a Bhilini, she got her attention on the rock and the stream flowed from there.

Parvati apologized and made peace with Shankar and she was married to Shinganapur, a pure Ashtami Shikhar. You have to step down this temple. Only after appearing in this place is Shikhar Shingnapur’s visit completed.

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